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A Simple Plan (1998) (C) - Anthology Ottawa

A Simple Plan (1998) (C)

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"Two thumbs up! A razor-sharp thriller."

Siskel & Ebert.

The American Dream.  In a gym bag.  

That's how three men (Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Brent Briscoe) size up what they've found in the snowy Minnesota woods.

They've come across a downed plane with a rotting corpse inside... and over $4 million stuffed inside a duffel bag.

Finders, keepers? Maybe. But first they'll need a foolproof plan.

So they and the wife (Bridget Fonda) of one of the men start out with a scheme that's perfect in its simplicity... and lethal in its miscalculation of the human heart.

Mistrust, murder, intrigue - all are soon at work in this stark, twist-filled thriller.  

Directed by Sam Raimi (Darkman), A Simple Plan "is the most gripping dramatization in years of the proposition that crime will always cost more than it pays" (Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly). -- (C) Paramount, 1998, USA

Directed by Sam Raimi




".... a chilling glimpse into the darkness of the human heart, carefully crafted by director Sam Raimi. And Billy Bob Thornton is simply outstanding.  He's such a great actor to begin with, but in this film, he becomes an unexpectedly complex character who absolutely steals the screen. One of those rare movies that comes along once in a while and makes you wonder, 'if I were in a situation like that, what would I do?'"  


Asha, Anthology

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