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Approaching the Unknown (2016) (HNR) - Anthology Ottawa

Approaching the Unknown (2016) (HNR)

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Release Date: October 11, 2016.

In his quest for discovery, man's next step could be his last.

Captain William D. Stanaforth (Mark Strong) is on a one-way mission to Mars. Once in space, he spends countless days communicating with his best friend Louis "Skinny" Skinner (Luke Wilson) at Mission Control and prepping a cherished experiment to create water on the cryptic planet. Mechanical issues and nearly insurmountable obstacles begin to take their toll on his ship... and on him. Stanaforth must find the mental and physical strength to complete the mission, guiding a broken ship and broken man to the surface of Mars. -- (C) Paramount PIctures, 2016, USA.

Starring Mark Strong, Luke Wilson, Sanaa Lathan, Anders Danielsen Lie, Charles Baker.

Directed by Mark Elijah Rosenberg.

Genre/Subject: Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller.


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