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Ash Wednesday (2002) (C) - Anthology Ottawa

Ash Wednesday (2002) (C)

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"A tough, gritty, true-to-life crime drama..."

Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC TV.

Ash Wednesday. Hell's Kitchen, New York City. 

Exactly three years ago, while tending bar, Sean Sullivan (Elijah Wood) overheard some mobsters speaking of a plan to murder his older brother, Francis (Edward Burns). Sean pulled a gun and shot at them. Soon thereafter, he went missing, and only his arm was found.

Three years later, Francis, who has given up his crime-ridden lifestyle and is now looking after Sean's widow (Rosario Dawson) and child, receives word that Sean may not be dead after all.  But the truth isn't always what it seems in this neighborhood, where violence and betrayal are the local currency. -- (C) IFC Productions, 2002, USA.

Starring Elijah Wood, Edward Burns, Rosario Dawson.

Directed by Edward Burns.




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