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Bending All The Rules (2002) (C) - Anthology Ottawa

Bending All The Rules (2002) (C)

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"Smart, playful."

Bob Ross, Tampa Tribune.

Smart, sexy and free-spirited, Kenna drifts from one boyfriend to the next, leaving any relationship that threatens to distract her from her dream: having an exhibition of her photography. But just as Kenna is offered her first show, her cool and casual personal life turns hot and heavy!

Suddenly, Kenna is being pursued by two very special - and very different - men: Jeff, a sensitive, struggling DJ; and Martin, a slick and powerful businessman. As Jeff and Martin wage a fierce and funny battle for Kenna's attentions, Kenna begins to wonder if she can't have both love and success - by Bending all The Rules. -- (C) Minaret Films, 2002, USA.

Starring Colleen Porch, David Gail, Bradley Cooper.

Directed by Peter Knight and Morgan Klein.




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