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Biology 11 (TXTC) - Anthology Ottawa

Biology 11 (TXTC)

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These textbooks are available for rent to students of Blyth Academy Ottawa only. If you are a student or teacher from another school, please send your request to, and we will be happy to make arrangements for you! Homeschoolers and unschoolers are also welcome!

UNIT 1: Diversity of Living Things

     Chapter 1: Understanding Biodiversity

     Chapter 2: The Prokaryotes, Viruses, and Protists

     Chapter 3: Fungi, Plants, and Animals

UNIT 2: Genetic Processes

     Chapter 4: Heredity and Reproduction

     Chapter 5: Mendelian Genetics - Patterns of Inheritance

     Chapter 6: Genetics Beyond Mendel

UNIT 3: Evolution

     Chapter 7: The Theory of Evolution

     Chapter 8: The Origin of Species

UNIT 4: Animals: Structure and Function

     Chapter 9: Nutrition and the Digestive System

     Chapter 10: The Respiratory System

     Chapter 11: Circulation and Transport

UNIT 5: Plants: Anatomy, Growth, and Function

     Chapter 12: The Importance of Plants

     Chapter 13: Plant Growth and Reproduction

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