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Changing Lanes (2002) (C) - Anthology Ottawa

Changing Lanes (2002) (C)

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"A provocative, beautifully made American thriller. It is rewarding, exemplary, and shattering."

Rex Reed, The New York Observer.

Modern society draws lines between right and wrong, good and evil, rage and redemption.  

A moment of self-absorption and a spark of anger will cause two men to cross them.  

As the battle of wills escalates, both lives are changed forever.  

Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck star in a provocative and gripping drama that exposes the best and worst in all of us. -- (C) Paramount, 2002, USA.

Directed by Roger Michell.



"If you think you've had a bad day, watch this movie.  It'll get your mind off your work and your day, and make you grateful that you're not one of the characters played by Ben Affleck or Samuel L. Johnson.  I mean, you could be, because let's face it - we've all thought about "getting mad and getting even" - but then you'd end up like one of these guys.  I won't say anymore because then I'd be giving away the story, but let's just say this is the kind of movie you should watch if you ever feel the need to put things into perspective.  A great thrill ride for a Monday evening."


Michel, Anthology

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