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Fahrenheit 451 (2018) (HNR)

Fahrenheit 451 (2018) (HNR)

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Release Date: September 18, 2018.

A dazzling, high-tech thriller based on the Ray Bradbury novel of the same name, this HBO film depicts an American future devoid of truth, in which celebrity "firemen" engage in televised search-and-destroy missions to burn books and abolish art, culture, and history. In this paranoid world, a zealous fireman (Michael B. Jordan) - in the process of being groomed to succeed his longtime captain (Michael Shannon) - meets young informant (Sofia Boutella) and agrees to assist an underground group with bold plans to preserve thousands of classic works, if they can only outwit the all-seeing forces intent on destroying them. -- (C) HBO Home Entertainment, 2018, USA.

Starring Michael B. Jordan, Michael Shannon, Sofia Boutella.

Directed by Ramin Bahrani.

Based on the novel "Fahrenheit 451," written by Ray Bradbury.

Genre/Subject: Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller, Book Adaptation.


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