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Gotham: Season 5 (2019) (THNR14)

Gotham: Season 5 (2019) (THNR14)

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Release Date: July 9, 2019

This is the end!  The legend of the Dark Knight resumes with Gotham City divided between GCPD Detective Jim Gordon's jurisdiction and the city's most notorious Super-Villains, including egomaniacal Penguin, vengeful love interest Barbara Kean, zealous Scarecrow, Riddler, Catwoman and others.  With Gordon struggling to gain control of a city on the edge of anarchy, the fifth and final season of Gotham wraps up its iconic DC origin story by revealing Bruce Wayne, now a serious teen, as he undergoes his ultimate transformation into the Caped Crusader.  With blood feuds, standoffs and explosive action, these 12 monumental episodes capture the struggle of good versus evil: heroes committed to rescuing their beloved home from toxic masterminds, including the deranged and insane...among them, the malevolent Eduardo Dorrance/Bane.

Genre/Subject: Action, Crime, Drama

Audio: English

Subtitles: English

Run Time: 528 mins.


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