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Neil Simon's Jake's Women (1996) (RC) - Anthology Ottawa

Neil Simon's Jake's Women (1996) (RC)

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Release Date: October 5, 2004.

Jake (Alan Alda) is a writer, a writer with a problem. "My mind," as he says, "has a mind of its own." Jake does much more than just put words down on paper. His fictional characters - and the dialogue he creates for them - are so real, they become real. And when the reality of Jake's own life becomes too much for him, he retreats into the rich world of his imagination.

Often, the line between reality and imagination becomes a messy - but delightful - blur. And when the subject at hand is women, Jake's hyperactive mind lands him in a lot of trouble - sometimes painful, often funny, always touching. As Jake's Women flashes back and forth between then and now, between real and imaginary, we experience Neil Simon at his Pulitzer Prize winning best: uncovering truths, touching our hearts, and making us laugh. Always making us laugh. -- (C) Echo Bridge Home Entertainment/RHI Entertainment, 1996, USA.

Directed by Glenn Jordan.

Based on the play by Neil Simon.

Subject/Genre: Drama, Comedy, Writers/Writing, Hard-To-Find, Rare.



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