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Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) (HNR)

Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) (HNR)

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Release Date: June 19, 2018.

"Super fun! Explosively entertaining!"

Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV.

John Boyega (Star Wars series) is the rebellious Jake Pentecost, a once-promising Jaeger pilot whose legendary father gave his life to secure humanity's victory against the monstrous "Kaiju." Now an even more fearsome alien threat has been unleashed on the world and Jake is called back into action by his former co-pilot, Lambert (Scott Eastwood), and a 15-year-old Jaeger hacker, Amara (Cailee Spaeny). Rising up to become the most powerful defence force to ever walk the earth, they will set course for a spectacular all new adventure. -- (C) Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, 2018, USA/China/UK.

Starring John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny.

Directed by Steven S. DeKnight.

Genre/Subject: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction.


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