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Punching The Clown (2009) (SC) - Anthology Ottawa

Punching The Clown (2009) (SC)

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Release Date: March 22, 2011.

"May be the funniest movie ever made about trying to hold on to one's artistic integrity in an image-obsessed world." The Village Voice.

What he takes from life, he gives backs through his art.. and so far he's taken nothing but crap. When a talented but hapless traveling songwriter (Henry Phillips) moves to LA to shake things up, his luck changes overnight. Thanks less to his inept manager than to a wild case of mistaken identity, he falls backwards into a string of packed gigs, a record deal and even the promise of love. But he who lives by the whimsy of show business dies by it. An innocent miscommunication over a bagel makes him the victim of a vicious rumor in the tabloids. Luckily, somewhere between rock bottom and the middle of nowhere lies the perfect terrain for Henry's dark and hilarious songs. -- (C) Viens Films, 2009, USA.

Directed by Gregori Viens.

Genre/Subject: Comedy.



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