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Saving Hope: Season 5 (2017) (THNR14) - Anthology Ottawa

Saving Hope: Season 5 (2017) (THNR14)

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Release Date: October 24, 2017.

Everything seemed to be going great at the end of last season. Dr. Alex Reid and Dr. Maggie Lin had won the prestigious fellowship award and Dr. Charlie Harris had solved his spirit problem. But the celebrations were cut short by the vengeful Crenshaw, and now our characters are thrust into turmoil. As we pick up in the aftermath of the heart-stopping cliffhanger, Season Five finds our characters in a state of self-doubt. Alex grapples with her destiny, trying to discover whether the fault is in our stars or in ourselves. While Charlie, thinking his surgery had exorcised his spirits, realizes that the ghosts aren't going away anytime soon. As our characters struggle with who they are, Hope Zion's new CEO threatens to make cuts that would affect the livelihood of the hospital, its doctors and everything they hold dear. -- (C) EOne Films, 2017, Canada.

Genre/Subject: Drama, Fantasy.

Run Time: 792 minutes.


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