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Shaft (2019) (HNR)

Shaft (2019) (HNR)

Release Date: September 24, 2019

"SHAFT is the funniest action movie of the year!"  Matthew Hoffman, REGAL

Legendary bada** John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) agrees to help his estranged son, JJ (Jessie T. Usher), uncover the truth behind his friend's suspicious death.  The polar opposite of his foulmouthed father, JJ is a book-smart cybersecurity expert needs an education only Shaft can provide: how to navigate Harlem's underbelly.  But if flying fists and bullets weren't enough of a challenge, JJ finds his political correctness clashes wildly with Shaft's "shut your mouth" style in this nonstop action-comedy that proves the Shaft name is still the ultimate in cool. -- (C) Warner, 2019, USA

Starring Samuel L. Jackson

Directed by Tim Story

Genre/Subject: Action, Comedy, Crime


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