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The Walking Dead: Season 9 (2018) (THNR14)

The Walking Dead: Season 9 (2018) (THNR14)

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Release Date: August 20, 2019

Last season brought the culmination of "All Out War," which pitted Rick Grimes and his group of survivors against the Saviors and their leader, Negan.  With Negan's life in his hands, Rick had a character-defining choice in front of him, and he spared Negan to uphold the values his late son, Carl, championed - values that created conflict within his group.  Now, with our survivors rebuilding civilization under Rick's leadership a year and a half after the end of the war, it's a time of relative peace among the communities.  However, the world they knew is rapidly changing, nature is literally taking over, and, as time passes, the communities confront unexpected obstacles and danger.  But nothing can prepare them for the formidable force they're about to encounter, threatening the very idea of civilization our survivors have worked so hard to build. -- (C) Lionsgate, 2018, USA

Genre/Subject: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Audio: English

Subtitles: English SDH

Run time: 12 hrs, 31 mins


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