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Veronica Mars (2019) (THNR14)

Veronica Mars (2019) (THNR14)

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Release Date: October 29, 2019

"Still fighting crime like a girl."

All hail the bacchanalia that is the glorious tradition of spring break in Neptune, a time for scantily clad beachgoers to get loaded, laid...and murdered.  When a series of fatal bomb blasts threatens to decimate the seaside town's tourist industry, Mars Investigations is hired by a wealthy congressman to track down the killer of one of the victims.  As Veronica navigates new developments in her longtime relationship with Logan, she's sucked into a dangerously complex mystery that pits anti-spring-break elites against working-class townies and stretches from Neptune's pristine paradise into U.S. politics and a Mexican drug cartel.  But never fear, Marshmallows, Veronica's back - and she's still fighting mad! -- (C) Warner, 2019, USA

Genre/Subject: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Audio: English

Subtitles: English SDH

Run Time: 411 mins.


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