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Wuthering Heights (1967) (IC)

Wuthering Heights (1967) (IC)

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Release Date: October 13, 2009.

This historic 1967 BBC production of Emile Bronte's romantic masterpiece stars Ian McShane and Angela Scoular.

Wuthering Heights is a heartrending story of unrequited love and sibling rivalry. When the dark brooding orphan boy Heathcliff enters the Earnshaw household at Wuthering Heights, he is at first shunned by his new stepsiblings Catherine and Hindley. Catherine's feelings toward Heathcliff soon change, however, and the two fall deeply in love, but Hindley's rivalry with Heathcliff only deepens with time. When Hindley eventually inherits the estate, he treats Heathcliff as little more than a servant, and when Catherine later marries a neighboring landowner who can offer her social advancement, Heathcliff's humiliation is complete, and he charts a course of revenge that will have tragic consequences for everyone -- (C) BBC Films, 1967, UK.

Starring Ian McShane, Angela Scoular, Drewe Henley.

Directed by Peter Sasdy.

Genre/Subject: Drama, Romance, Book Adaptation, International.

Audio: English.

Subtitles: English SDH.

Run Time: 182 minutes.


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